Liza is an amazing photographer. She has captured basically every big moment in mine and my sons life and I am so blessed to have had her there to do so. Liza is so easy to work with and she is so comfortable to be around. Her work is absolutely amazing! From portraits to scenery. I Highly recommend to anyone who wants photos done.

I don't even know where to begin with the talent, kindness, and understanding that Liza possesses. Grad photos were something that made me very anxious. I am not comfortable in front of cameras, and self consciousness plays a big part in my life. The photos were so painlessly wonderful. I felt 100% comfortable and beautiful in front of Liza's lense, a feeling I can't say I feel often. Not only was Liza kind enough to come spend the day in the hot weather with me and my crazy family, she also proceeded to do the final family photos of my baby girl Bella. The way Liza interacted with Bella brought tears to my eyes. She was so understanding and patient throughout the entire shoot. I can truly say I wouldn't have wanted any other person to be there for Bella's last days, as her caring and kindness were both evident the entire shoot. 

I'm so grateful to have had someone so talented to capture such important emotions and memories. I would 100% recommend Liza for any photos you may need.